History of Strange in Nature

Strange in Nature Studio began in September 2019, and it all started with a desire to find my space in the design world. After graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2017, I went on an active search to find a position in my career field, but along the way found my own voice getting lost in the lingo & work I had to adapt in order to fit into those roles.

I realized this inauthentic way of being was not sustainable, as it not only didn’t speak to me or for me, but it didn’t connect well with people who were not in that specific type of corporate industry. It was then I took the leap and began to rediscover the things that made my work my work, this then led to the founding of this studio. I feel so grateful for the ability to express myself in this way and connect with brands in a more meaningful & truthful way.

Who am I?

Krista O'Halpin is a multidisciplined artist from Georgia, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication from Savanah College of Art and Design. Never quite feeling like that was the place for her, she made a sudden move to Seattle, Wa, in 2015. One day, in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, she began to feel an understanding between the priceless beauty of nature and its unpredictable peculiarity. This is what motivated her to create Strange in Nature and pursue the oddities of her style while also focusing on sustainability & connectivity in order to create a world where "We can all feel good about being strange".

Krista's distinctive personal style is often described as bold and dark while expressing a playful, but sassy spirit. Inspiration for her work comes from her own mental health struggles, love for nature, & the human connection. With the goal of expressing empathy and things often too large for words, Krista uses various mediums & methods such as printmaking, painting, design, embroidery, and photography.

Krista O'Halpin with a rainbow over her face